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Friday, January 23, 2009

I have been slacking on my blog posts but things have really gotten busy now after the holidays. I know stuff is suppose to slow down but work has been really busy. Also my precious baby will be 6 months old on Feb. 2 so you can imagine she is off doing so many new things that keep me busy too. She eats food now and sits up. She takes a bath every night because she gets super messy eating her biter biscuits (for all you moms who know what those are) they are no dog treats, just have the name of a dog treat. Samantha loves all the veggies. Just recently she had the Gerber Mac'N Cheese and that was a huge hit.
We are planning a vacation to Florida so I am trying to wrap my mind around taking our entire family room on a plane. I guess they charge you per item to check so we will have to condense somehow.
With all of Samantha's new discoveries she recently discovered "The Jumperoo". We were over at the VandenHouts last Saturday and she tried it out and loved it. Meghan and Jason were nice enough to let us take it home. We figured by the time Macy is ready for it Samantha will be on to other things, but for now...she is a champion jumerooer. Just see for yourself.


Sean, Kelli,Jonah and Laney said...

so sweet. 6 months is one the the most fun ages I think! She is beautiful!

The Bibler's said...

It was fun to see this jumping in real-live-action at Owen's party on Sunday!! She's such a cutie!!